OCA 2019-2020 Child Care Fees

Make checks payable to Orchard Children’s Academy or OCA Tuition Express/Bank Auto Draft.

Full Time Program

5 day (Monday – Friday)
Full time weekly infant 0-18 months rate: $215.00
Full time weekly toddler 18-30 months rate: $190.00
Full time weekly pre-k ages 2½ yr-5 yr rate: $180.00

Part Time Program

3 day (Monday, Wednesday, Friday): $120
2 day (Tuesday, Thursday): $80.00
Part time daily toddler 18-30 months rate: $45.00
Part time daily pre-k ages 2½ yr-5yr rate: $45.00

Drop In Program

Drop In Daily Rate 0-30 months rate: $45.00
Drop in Daily Rate 2 ½ yr-5yr rate: $45.00

Enrollment Fees

A non-refundable enrollment fee of $150 will be required to secure your child’s spot in our program. This yearly enrollment fee will be used to purchase equipment and incidental items needed to care for your child throughout the year. An additional non-refundable curriculum fee of $50 will be applied to age 2 years-5 years for fall semester on August 15. We will apply a Spring semester fee of $50 on January 15th .

Temple Baptist Church Member Discount

If you are a member of Temple Baptist Church you will receive a 5% discount on your weekly tuition charges. Only 1 type of discount per family will apply. So this will remain the same when you have more than one child enrolled.

Multi-child Discount

If you are enrolling more than one child, you will receive a 5% discount on tuition charges for each child after the first. Enrollment fees will be $150 for the first child, $125 for the second child, and $100 for the third child.

OCA Referral Program

For each family you refer that enrolls in our program, you will receive a $50 tuition credit. You may earn up to a maximum of $250 for referring 5 or more families. This will be credited to your account at the rate of one referral per month. Our parent referral program is a wonderful incentive for everyone.

While parents of the enrolling child feel excited about a new opportunity and place for their child to grow and learn in an elite program, you will get a monthly savings on your tuition charges that can benefit your family.